Ingrown Hairs After A Brazilian

If you exfoliate before your wax this will help remove the dead skin allowing the hair to remove easier.

Provide the skin several days for rest before exfoliating again – two to three times per week is sufficient.  This will help the hair to grow in an upward direction which will help prevent the hair not curling back into the skin. 

What should I do?

Wear Loose Clothing

Tight clothing can cause ingrown hairs by pressing up against skin that is freshly waxed.  This area needs the opportunity to breathe. Cotton clothing can help if you are prone to ingrown hairs.

Creams and Lotion

If you apply moisturizers after your wax this will clog up hair follicles. Your skin is sensitive following a wax and you want to avoid creams for a few days and help regrowth of the hair to be open and clear.

Cleaning The Area

Clean the area daily to help prevent ingrown hairs becoming infected. Using an acne medicated pad may help. Keep your fingers off the area as those oils also cause clogged pores.


You should schedule a wax every 4-6 weeks based on your personal hair growth. Keeping regular appointments will help your waxing specialist control trouble causing follicles.


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