Expectations Following A Brazilian


SUN – Stay out of the sun directly after your wax.  It can lead to a darkening of the skin pigment – apply a good sunscreen to the area after the first 24 hours if you are going to be exposed.  You may want to use a sensitive sunscreen made for your face.

Heat Moisture – Avoid excess heat moisture for the first 48 hours. No saunas, steam rooms or hot tubs that can irritate your skin.  Showering is fine however.

Clothing – Remember to wear loose clothing as tight clothes will rub the sensitive area and can cause irritation.

Exfoliate – It is important that you wait at least two to three days after waxing before you exfoliate.

Exercise – if you sweat heavily in work out pants – this can cause irritation or broken skin that can lead to an infection. It is best to wait 24 hours to exercise to avoid any unwanted irritations.


If irritation occurs you may try baby powder as it will soothe the skin. NO BABY OIL – it will clog your pores.  Also no moisturizers. Typically the pain will subside within a few hours – however if not you can try Advil. A cool bath will help with discomfort also.

As it is unlikely but if you get a rash or broken skin – keep the area clean and use an antibiotic cream once a day for 3 days. Avoid Neosporin as it contains neomycin which may be too harsh. The rash should heal within a week.


Ingrown Hair – your waxing specialist will remove any ingrown hairs while being waxed, but you may see some later. If so, continue to exfoliate after your 48 hour waiting time and using an acne medicated pad will help also.

Your best results will come from using a licensed esthetician for any waxing needs.  Please do not try this at home on yourself. You take the risk of ripping your skin and causing unnecessary injury.  Being waxed by a trained professional will ensure less pain and better experience over all!!  


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