Brazilian Wax - Not As Painful As You Think

Bathing suit season is still in high season and many people are dreading it for a lot of reasons. Brazilian waxing can take care of at least one of those bikini body worries. It is preferable to shaving because of the long-lasting smoothness and lack of irritability. I believe the pros outweigh the cons here because the majority of our fears with the beauty procedure stem from horror stories of pain. In fact, the waxing that causes the most pain is the old conventional soft wax and cloth strips which are not good techniques for your hair. Soft wax adheres to the skin and the exposed hair shaft. As the strip is applied, the wax forms a strong bond between the strip and the skin. Usually, skin is torn away and the hair shaft can be broken off at the surface. The root that remains can quickly grow back thicker and more stubborn if not done by certified waxing technicians.

Expectations Following A Brazilian

Most women experience a mild irritation or redness – however I follow your wax with aloe gel which is very soothing and helps with both bumps and redness. 

The bikini area is sensitive and applying hot wax to an already tender area and abrasively removing hair from the root can be very scary.  Here are some tips to remember to help minimize negative effects following your wax:

How To Prepare For A Brazilian Wax

Waxing is uncomfortable – BUT only for a few seconds after the hair is pulled.  Taking Ibuprofen about 30 minutes before your appointment will help with the pain.

Ingrown Hairs After A Brazilian

We get ingrown hairs due to course hair curling and growing back into the skin.  When hair grows crooked, it can turn around and infiltrate the skin.  Waxing is better for ingrown hairs as it pulls the hair completely out instead of cutting the hair as in shaving.

The Brazilian Wax - What & Why

Brazilian bikini waxes have been all the rage since the late 90′s, but they’re certainly not new the United States. A Brazilian Wax can be anything from a complete, 100 percent everything off to a more moderate, everything except that little landing strip. Typically a Brazilian Wax takes off the back side hair as well, so you are clean all around.

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